The number of buildings on nuisance list in Trenton continues to grow

Trenton Building and Nuisance Board

Several properties in Trenton have been placed on the nuisance list when decisions were made last night by the Trenton Building and Nuisance Board.

Residential locations where nuisances were declared were announced as 401 East 7th; 1302 East 8th; 1000 Rural; 1620 Carnes; 2108 Main; and at former business buildings from 1112 to 1116 Tinsman Avenue. Placement on the nuisance list is the first step in requesting property owners make improvements.

Locations advancing to public hearings next month are 112 Kavanaugh and 309 East Crowder Road. Moving to the category called findings of fact are a garage at 607 West Crowder Road and the house at 1618 Mable Street. Other locations received 60-day extensions to allow more time for work to be completed. They are 1011 Custer; 510 West Crowder Road, 812 Grant Street, and 3726 East 28th Street.

The board voted to remove 437 West Crowder from the list after the issue there was abated. The property is owned by Lionel and Bette McAtee.

A citizen, Gene Wyant of 309 Kitty, addressed what he called a problem with unlicensed vehicles remaining on nearby property and police were asked to check the situation. The city council last summer adopted an ordinance that allows just one unlicensed vehicle or trailer on residential property.

Building Inspector Donnie Vandevender provided a list of 22 prospective sites for the 2019-20 demolition program. Three of them have signed “letters of intent.” These are 200 West 7th owned by Karen Todd; 1409 Lulu belonging to Russell and Bea Shaw, and 1314 Norton owned by Bret and Penny Buswell.

The city council has budgeted $30,000 for the city’s share of costs in the demolition program. That’s $10,000 more than in recent budget years at Trenton. The city in recent years has been providing up to $1,750 toward each eligible demolition structure leaving the owners responsible for the balance of the demo costs and asbestos removal if necessary.