Ten area schools to hold graduation ceremony on Sunday, May 16

Graduation with cap and rolled up diploma

Area schools are holding graduation ceremonies on May 16, 2021.

Thirty-eight seniors will graduate from Penney High School of Hamilton at the stadium at 1 p.m. Two seniors graduated early. Valedictorian Julia Kanoy and salutatorian Ashley Brown will speak.

Marceline R-5 will have 30 students graduating at the field house at 1 o’clock.

Sixteen students will graduate from North Harrison in the school gym at 2 o’clock. Former principal Mike Schmidli will address the class.

Sixty-two seniors will graduate from South Harrison in the high school gym at 2 o’clock. South Harrison alum and former middle school principal Shane Jones will be the speaker.

Twenty-two seniors will graduate from Green City R-1 in the school gym at 2 o’clock. Paraprofessional, cheerleading coach, student council advisor, and long-time faculty member Tammy Campbell will speak.

Former Ridgeway R-5 teacher Jill West will address six graduates from the school during a graduation ceremony at the Ridgeway Baptist Church at 2 o’clock. Ridgeway’s valedictorian is Jacob Harding, and the salutatorian is Elijah Booher.

Twenty-one seniors will graduate from Braymer C-4 in Hometown Heroes Hall at 2 o’clock. Teacher Erica Coats will speak.

Sixteen seniors will graduate from Southwest Livingston in the school gym at 2 o’clock. The valedictorian and salutatorian will be the speakers.

Twelve students will graduate from Linn County R-1 in the school gym at 2:30. High school English teacher Robyn Sayre will speak to the class.

One hundred twenty-two seniors from Chillicothe R-2 will receive diplomas at the Jerry Litton Memorial Stadium at 8 o’clock tonight (Sunday night). Class members Chloe Funk and Emma Rule will speak.

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