Temperature readings in June well above average

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The June weather summary in Trenton reports temperatures well above average for the second month in a row.

Precipitation was below average for the eighth consecutive month which also means precipitation in Trenton has been below average in ten of past eleven months. High temperatures in Trenton averaged 89.7 degrees at the official weather station at the Trenton Fire Department while high temperatures in downtown Trenton at the KTTN studios were about one degree cooler at 88.5 degrees. Those temperatures represent 5.3 degrees above average at the fire station and 4.1 degrees above average at KTTN.

High temperatures last month in Trenton reached the 90s on 17 days at the fire station and on 15 days at KTTN. Highs hit 99 degrees on four days at the fire station with the 99-degree temperature reading on June 17th setting a record high for that date. The hottest temperature at KTTN last month was 98 degrees on June 1st.

Lows last month at the Trenton fire station averaged 67.5 degrees which is 4.7 degrees above normal. Low temperatures did drop into the 50s three times in June with the coolest temperature at 54 degrees on June 4th. The highs and lows in June were similar to what’s common for July.

Rainfall during June in Trenton totaled 2.24 inches which is 2.3 inches below normal, or 49% of what’s typical for the month. The typical amount of rain in Trenton during June is 4.54 inches.  Moisture for the year in Trenton, through June 30th, was 8.02 inches from rain and melted precipitation which is 10.69 inches below average for the year, or 43% of normal. Rainfall during the month of July is normally around 4.31 inches in Trenton.

The National Weather Service’s Climate Prediction Center is forecasting continued above average temperatures in July for our area with equal chances for above, below, or average amounts of precipitation in July.

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