Temperatures on a rollercoaster ride in May while rainfall is below normal

Weather graphic

High temperatures in May 2022, have been either considerably below normal or considerably above normal on several days; however, when they’re put together, high temperatures have averaged above normal by slightly over one degree in Trenton and low temperatures have averaged above normal by five degrees.

Rainfall has been considerably below normal this month in Trenton with 1.41 inches measured at the water plant in western Trenton where precipitation and temperature readings are taken for the National Weather Service. The reading of 1.41 inches is 2.49 inches below normal for this point in May.

The precipitation deficit for the year in Trenton is 1.7` inches; however, the forecast is calling for the yearly precipitation deficit to be erased this week and much of the monthly rainfall deficit to also be erased.

Normal precipitation for the entire month of May in Trenton is 5-1/2 inches which is approximately 1 inch more than four other months. Those other months are June with normal precipitation of 4.55 inches, August with 4.54 inches, September with 4.37 inches, and July with 4.31 inches.