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Local organization could see benefits from U.S. spending bill

The Adoption and Legal Incentive Payments Program received $75,000,000 in funding from the United States Spending Bill President Donald Trump signed Friday. The U. S. Senate also increased the program’s proposed funding by about $37,000,000, which nearly doubled the funding that is a piece of the federal government’s effort to encourage and support states in […]

Sgt. Jeston L. Perryman

Springfield, Missouri native Sgt. Jeston L. Perryman finds unique experiences in the Army

Growing up in Springfield, Missouri, Sgt. Jeston L. Perryman never envisioned being a skilled operator of foreign military-grade weapon systems. Even after enlisting as a small arms artillery repairman in the U.S. Army, he imagined he would primarily troubleshoot malfunctions of infantry weapons and towed artillery. Perryman’s assumptions would be correct – in a typical […]