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State auditor finds poor planning in Tax Increment Financing projects in Bethany

Missouri State Auditor Nicole Galloway today released a citizen-requested audit of the City of Bethany, which found that poor planning in tax increment financing projects (TIF) spearheaded by the city resulted in delays and lack of oversight. “Economic incentives can be valuable for communities, but they must be presented transparently and used effectively as part […]

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Grundy County Delinquent Tax Sale to be held August 27th

As of Thursday morning, 166 properties are being offered for sale at the annual Grundy County Delinquent Tax Sale. The sale will be at the courthouse in Trenton the morning of August 27th at 10 o’clock with registration for buyers to start at 8:30. Collector-Treasurer Barbara Harris reports that of the properties to be offered, […]

Missouri State Auditor Nicole Galloway

State Auditor Galloway releases monthly reports on local government and special district financial information

Missouri State Auditor Nicole Galloway issued monthly reports detailing the compliance of local governments and other political subdivisions with financial reporting laws. One report includes cities, towns, and villages while the other lists political subdivisions such as water, fire protection, and other taxing districts.  These entities are required to file annual financial reports with the […]

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Audio: Supreme Court ruling has far reaching impact on internet sales in Missouri

(Missourinet) – A U.S. Supreme Court decision issued last week means Internet sales in Missouri can be subject to state and local sales taxes. Federal estimates show that up to $13 billion was lost across the country in 2017 because those taxes weren’t imposed. Ray McCarty with Associated Industries of Missouri is skeptical the numbers […]

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Trenton sales tax receipts down for first two-months of fiscal year

Trenton city sales tax receipts in the first two months of this fiscal year are down for general revenue, capital projects, parks, and firefighting related needs compared to the same period a year ago. The reductions are nearly ten percent for parks, more than eight percent for firefighting equipment, training, and services and seven percent […]

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Audio: Phil Tate explains the how the bonds issued to Nestle work

When the city of Trenton issues taxable industrial development revenue bonds for the benefit of Nestles USA Incorporated, the agreement also includes abatement of taxes for ten years. But officials say Nestles has agreed to make payments in lieu of taxes for all affected taxing entities. Phil Tate of Gallatin has been a consultant to […]

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Grundy County Board of Equalization holds hearings

The Grundy County Board of Equalization convened for two hearings Monday morning then adjourned. Members are three County Commissioners: Rick Hull, Joe Brinser, and Don Sager as well as two citizens: Jim Cox and Marlisa Klinginsmith. Representing the assessors’ office, but not as a voting member, were Kathy Veatch and Nathan Curtis. County Clerk Betty […]

House and car made of money

Audio: Grundy County taxpayers receiving notices of changes in assessed value of property

Grundy County taxpayers are receiving notices in the mail regarding changes in the assessed value of real estate property. The notices from the Grundy County Assessor are a result of re-assessment efforts that were required by the Missouri State Tax Commission which is supposed to occur every odd-numbered year. But Grundy County had received a […]

Grundy County Missouri Courthouse

Assessor Kathy Veatch: Grundy County out of compliance for reassessment cycle

The Missouri Tax Commission determined that Grundy County is out of compliance for the reassessment cycle. Assessor Kathy Veatch acknowledges that the county has been a little behind on reassessments and notes that reassessment should take place every two years to look at how houses are selling based on the year they were built and […]