Sacha Snuffer

Sacha Snuffer awarded Service Integrity Leadership Award by TPD

Trenton Police Chief Tommy Wright has awarded March’s Service Integrity Leadership Award to Communications Officer Sacha Snuffer. Wright says Snuffer’s willingness to take on new challenges and assignments as well as train new communications officers is an invaluable asset to the department and the community. He adds her willingness to assist and serve others shows […]

Larry Lorenz

Larry Lorenz recipient of February SIL award at Trenton Police Department

Trenton Police Chief Tommy Wright awarded Communications Officer Larry Lorenz the February Service Integrity Leadership Award. Wright says Lorenz was nominated by his peers for his hard work, diligence, loyalty, teamwork, high level of adaptability, and ability to stay calm under pressure. Lorenz has helped thousands of people in need during his more than 20 […]

Trenton Police Department’s Rex Ross awarded Service Integrity Leadership award

Chief Tommy Wright of the Trenton Police Department has awarded the April 2016, Service Integrity Leadership Award (S.I.L. Award) to Lieutenant Rex Ross. Lieutenant Ross is recognized by his peer, Detective Jerry Smith, for his 27 years outstanding service to the community of Trenton, the Trenton Police Department, and his peers. Ross’s dedication to his […]