Prison Healthcare or medical

Missouri prison healthcare contract won by a company accused of bid-rigging in Tennessee

(Missouri Independent) – The long-time contractor for medical services in Missouri’s prisons is protesting the state’s decision to award the business to a company that will charge more than lawmakers appropriated and is accused of bid-rigging to obtain a contract in Tennessee prisons. Centurion Health, a Virginia subsidiary of St. Louis-based managed care company Centene, beat […]

Senator Roy Blunt

Roy Blunt is out. So who’s in? A list of possible Missouri GOP senate candidates

(Missouri Independent) – Roy Blunt’s decision not to seek a third term in the U.S. Senate will have cascading effects across Missouri’s political universe.  The state has no shortage of ambitious Republican officials, each of whom can make a legitimate claim at being the strongest candidate.  So will the 2022 GOP primary turn into a […]

Democratic Party

2020 was a bloodbath for Missouri Democrats. Will 2022 be any better?

(Missouri Independent) – There’s no point trying to spin it: While the 2020 election was a mixed verdict nationally, with Republicans gaining congressional seats and minimizing Senate losses even as Joe Biden defeated President Donald Trump, the Missouri verdict was unequivocal. It started atop the ticket with Trump’s dominance. He and Gov. Mike Parson set […]

Judge Raymond Gruender

Audio: Missouri judge on Trump’s list to replace U.S. Supreme Court Justice Kennedy

(Missourinet) – A federal judge from Missouri is on President Trump’s list to replace a U.S. Supreme Court Justice.     Judge Raymond Gruender of Missouri is the Eighth Circuit U.S. Court Appeals Court judge and he’s on President Trump’s list to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy, who has announced his retirement. Kennedy’s announcement gives Trump […]

Lady Justice with court gavel

Audio: Ex-husband in Greitens felony invasion of privacy case to be deposed today

The attorney representing the ex-husband in the Governor Greitens’ felony invasion of privacy case is scheduled to be deposed today. Missourinet contributor Jill Enders reports:     This is one of a few victories of motions filed by the Governor’s defense team ahead of the May 14th trial. On Friday, Judge Rex Burlison ordered that […]

Governor Eric Greitens

Judge to rule Thursday on Greitens’ legal team request for dismissal

Judge Rex Burlison says he will rule Thursday on the defense team’s request to dismiss a felony invasion of privacy indictment against Governor Greitens. Jill Enders reports for the Missourinet.     At issue is the defense accusing the prosecutor of withholding evidence in the case. This stems from the circuit attorney’s office turning over […]

Governor Eric Greitens

Top Democrat thinks Missouri Legislature has enough votes to call special session about disciplining Greitens

Governor Greitens has waived his right to face a Missouri House committee investigating him and says he will answer the panel’s questions after his criminal trial finishes. House Minority Leader Gail McCann Beatty is not buying the governor’s statement.     A House committee has released a report describing the governor’s former mistress alleging violence […]

Todd Richardson and Gail Beatty on Greitens Investigation

Missouri House Leaders Richardson and Beatty React to House Committee’s Greitens Report

The Missouri House Speaker is praising the seven-member House committee that’s investigating Governor Eric Greitens’ indictment. The House Special Investigative Committee on Oversight issued a 24-page report Wednesday evening. Speaker Todd Richardson tells the Capitol Press Corps the committee’s job was not to make their own conclusions but to hear testimony and judge the credibility […]

Governor Eric Greitens

Greitens calls Missouri House committee report “one-sided tabloid trash gossip”

Governor Greitens says Missourians know far better than to trust “one-sided tabloid trash gossip produced in a secret report.” A Missouri House committee report includes Greitens’ ex-mistress saying she did not give him permission to rip her shirt open or pull her pants down during a sexual get-together in 2015. It also describes the woman […]

Governor Eric Greitens

Former exotic dancer asks Greitens for pardon; Bases request on governor’s motion to dismiss his own case

A lawyer has cited a motion to dismiss invasion of privacy charges against Governor Eric Greitens as a basis to exonerate his client.     The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports an attorney has asked Greitens to pardon Paul Henreid, a former exotic dancer of the same charges the governor faces. According to the newspaper, Henreid […]

Governor Eric Greitens

Audio: Missouri Governor Eric Greitens indicted on felony invasion of privacy charge

Missouri Governor Eric Greitens was indicted and booked Thursday on a felony invasion of privacy charge for allegedly taking and transmitting a non-consensual photo of his partly nude lover shortly before that campaign started. Greitens was accused of threatening his lover with the nude photo, an allegation that isn’t mentioned in the indictment.  He has […]

Missouri Department of Corrections

Missouri Corrections Department head says she’s made massive leadership changes after prison scandal

The Missouri Department of Corrections head says she’s made massive personnel changes in management and staff. Director Anne Precythe, who was hired last year after a newspaper story revealed a prison culture of harassment, intimidation, and retaliation, told a state House committee she spent most of 2017 focused on staff.     Last year, the […]