Crime and Courts

Judge hands down prison sentences in Division One of Grundy County Circuit Court

Numerous cases were processed Thursday in Division One of Grundy County Circuit Court with some defendants sentenced to prison, others receiving probation. Trenton resident Gregory Dee Baecht admitted violations of probation. The probation was revoked and the previous stay of execution was set aside. Baecht was then ordered to serve five years with the Department of Corrections […]

Drug busted

2 Trenton, 1 Leisure Lake resident busted on drug charges

A 44-year-old Trenton resident, Rhonda Howard, has been charged in Grundy County with possession of the controlled substance methamphetamine with intent to distribute, deliver, or sell it, and possession of the controlled substances Carisoprodol and Oxycontin. The count accusing Ms. Howard with possession of methamphetamine called her a prior and persistent drug offender. She pleaded […]