School Nurse or Generic Nursing

Audio: Missouri’s school nurses are on the front lines of COVID-19 response within classrooms

The Missouri Association of School Nurses says school nurses are playing an even more critical role during the COVID-19 crisis. The state had about 1600 school nurses among Missouri’s more than 500 K-12 public school districts. Linda Neumann (pronounced newman), executive director of the association, says school nurses have been going above and beyond the […]

Nurse preparing vaccine inection

Livingston County Health Center to host “Early Bird School-Aged Shot Clinics”

The Livingston County Health Center will host Early Bird School-Aged Shot Clinics later this month and next month. The clinics will feature incentives from local businesses to encourage students needing required immunizations to get them early instead of waiting until the end of summer. Appointments are required for the clinics scheduled May 30th and 31st […]