Prescription Drugs with syringe (needle)

Audio: Northwest Missouri Opioid Summit underway in St. Joseph

A scourge throughout the nation gets the full attention of those attending the Northwest Missouri Opioid Summit in St. Joseph.  Opioid addiction has become a very real problem nationwide and has become an extremely difficult problem in Missouri.     Missouri gets low marks for prescriber education, prescription guidelines, but especially as the only state […]

Prescription Drugs on Shelves

Fighting the Crisis: Opioid summits being held throughout Missouri

The opioid crisis in Missouri has reached epidemic levels with 908 opioid-related deaths recorded in the state in 2016. As part of a comprehensive, integrated and innovative approach to addressing this crisis, Missouri is taking a multifaceted approach to reducing the impact of opioids on the state. A series of Opioid Summits are being held throughout the […]