Missouri State Highway Patrol

Missouri joins five states to launch enforcement blitz against drug-impaired driving

Missouri law enforcement officials have announced they will conduct a Drug Impaired Driving enforcement blitz throughout the state from April 20 – April 22, 2018. “Driving High? Kiss Your License Goodbye!” is an intensified effort to crack down on drug-impaired driving. Similar crackdown efforts are occurring across the region in Kansas, Arkansas, Iowa, Nebraska, and Oklahoma. […]

Grundy County Sheriff, Trenton, Missouri

4 arrested in report from Grundy County Sheriff’s office

Four arrests are in the report today from Grundy County Sheriff’s Department. 25-year-old Monica Heumader of Trenton is charged with conspiracy to commit an offense by allegedly agreeing with Devin Pierce that one or more persons would steal a pistol belonging to Debbie Hawman. Ms. Heumader posted $15,000 bond pending her appearance September 13th in the associate […]