Title IX

Audio: Controversial Title IX bill hung up in Missouri Senate

A contentious bill has stalled in the Missouri Senate that would significantly change the way Missouri colleges and universities handle sexual assault and harassment complaints. During a six-hour filibuster into Wednesday morning, Farmington Republican Gary Romine, says he wants to require an administrative commission to hear such cases, students involved could have an attorney and […]

Election Security

Audio: Missouri hosts National Election Security Summit ahead of November elections

(Misssourinet) – A bipartisan group of 25 Secretaries of State and other election officials from across the country were in St. Louis for the National Election Security Summit over the weekend. Missouri Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft tells Missourinet the state has several security advantages in its election infrastructure.     Missouri Secretary of State Jay […]

Burger with Meat and Cheese

Misssouri Legislature passes bill that would bar companies from labeling fake meat as the real deal

The Missouri Legislature has endorsed a massive agriculture bill that would include putting restrictions on the way imitation meat products can be marketed. During House debate, Olivette Democrat Tracy McCreery and Martinsburg Republican Jay Houghton had a lengthy exchange about making manufacturers use different labeling if their meat does not come from a cow, turkey, […]