Back - Kaylee Lewis, Drake Bradley Middle - Hesston Campbell, Josie Reeter, Chloe Funk, Connor Keithley Front - Selby Miller, Gage Leamer

Chillicothe FFA Barnwarming King and Queen candidates announced

The Chillicothe FFA has selected its Barnwarming King and Queen candidates. Candidates are seniors Kaylee Lewis and Drake Bradley, juniors Josie Reeter and Hesston Campbell, sophomores Chloe Funk and Connor Keithley, and freshmen Selby Miller and Gage Leamer. Leda Schreiner of the Litton Agriculture Campus reports the candidates will lead the charge in the fundraising […]

Students transplant Marigolds

First-grade students from Dewey School attend Litton Agriculture Campus

First-grade students from Dewey Elementary School recently attended the Litton Agriculture Campus and learned about plants in class and got their hands dirty. The outing was made possible by the Litton Crusaders program sponsored by the Jerry Litton Family Memorial Foundation. Students got the opportunity walk around the farm, then take back to school the […]

Students attend Hundley-Whaley Research Center Agriscience Day in Albany

Students attend Hundley-Whaley Research Center Agriscience Day in Albany

Students from the Ag Management and Agronomy classes at the Litton Agriculture Campus attended the MU Hundley-Whaley Research Center Agriscience Day in Albany. The students had the opportunity to visit 19 learning stations which included Fire Safety, Computers on the Farm, Soil Pit Demo, Drones for Ag Use, Fistulated Cow, Scouting Corn & Soybeans, Precision […]

Chillicothe Middle School, Southwest Livingston Schools visit Litton Agriculture Campus

The 8th-grade students from the Chillicothe Middle School and Southwest Livingston R-I Schools were given the opportunity to visit the Litton Agriculture Campus. The purpose of the visit was to see what the Chillicothe Ag Department and Chillicothe FFA Chapter had to offer them next year as incoming freshmen in high school. Senior members of […]

Dewey Elementary students at Chillicothe enjoy hands-on experience with baby pig

Students from Dewey Elementary kindergarten and first-grade classes were having a hands-on learning experience on February 10, 2017. The Litton Crusaders and the Livingston County Farm Bureau made this visit possible as part of the Thank A Farmer program. The students were learning about habitats and animals with assistance from the Litton Crusaders program. The […]