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Women from Trenton and Humphreys involved in crash on Highway 6

The Highway Patrol reports a Humphreys woman sustained moderate injuries when the vehicle she drove was struck by another at the east city limits of Humphreys on March 17th. Sixty-two-year-old Roxanna Carter was taken to Wright Memorial Hospital while the other driver, 27-year-old Monica Proctor of Trenton, was reported as not injured. The vehicles traveled […]

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Cameron woman injured after vehicle strikes dump truck east of Gallatin

The Highway Patrol reports a Cameron woman sustained minor injuries when the vehicle she drove struck a dump truck one-half of a mile east of Gallatin. On Thursday morning, October 15th. Daviess County Ambulance checked 67-year-old Angela Williams. No injuries were reported for dump truck driver 59-year-old Gordon McCune of Hallsville. Both vehicles traveled east […]

Traffic Accident

5 hurt in crash at Novinger intersection

The Highway Patrol reports five individuals from Novinger sustained injuries in a two-vehicle accident in Novinger Tuesday morning. A sports utility vehicle driven by 37-year-old Anika Downing was stopped at a crosswalk to unload passengers at the intersection of Missouri 149 and Missouri Avenue when 72-year-old Gary Millhouse’s SUV hit Downing’s in the rear. The […]