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Trenton City Council selects construction company to replace 17th Street Bridge

All votes were unanimous Monday night when the Trenton City Council approved three bills and adopted three ordinances. The 17th Street Bridge replacement will be done by Boone Construction Company of Columbia who submitted the lowest of bids from six companies. City Administrator Ron Urton said the selection of Boone has been accepted by the […]


Investigation begins into reports of explosion on Monroe Street in Chillicothe

Chillicothe Fire Captain Les Hinnen reports investigation by the Missouri State Fire Marshal continues into a possible explosion in the kitchen of the Barnabas Home in Chillicothe.  The Chillicothe Fire Department responded to a call of a kitchen fire at 1301 Monroe Street this (Wednesday) morning. Firefighters could hear the fire alarm sounding upon arrival, […]

Grazing School Photo of Cattle in Field

Cool-season pastures start regrowth with arrival of warm-weather rains

Cool-season grasses such as fescue that dominate pasture grass in Missouri need warm weather to grow. The coldest April since 1907 set back forage for Missouri’s beef cow herds. Now, warm weather with rain creates forage for grazing and haying, said forage specialist Craig Roberts in a weekly University of Missouri Extension teleconference. New grass […]