Trenton Municipal Utilities (TMU) or Trenton City Hall

Candidate for Third Ward Trenton City Councilman withdraws from ballot

A candidate has withdrawn from the Trenton City Council election on April 6th. Derrick Gott officially withdrew from the race for Third Ward. Robert Romesburg remains as a candidate for the Third Ward. Other candidates for the Trenton City Council are Incumbent Glen Briggs and Lance Otto for the First Ward, Incumbent Danny Brewer for […]

Trenton Municipal Utilities (TMU) or Trenton City Hall

More candidates file for seats on Trenton City Council creating races in First and Third Wards

There are now two races for the Trenton City Council election on April 6th. Lance Otto of 810 Town and Country Lane filed for the First Ward on January 19th. Incumbent Glen Briggs previously filed. Derrick Gott of 1715 Saint Joseph Street filed for the Third Ward on January 19th. Robert Romesburg filed earlier. Incumbent […]

City of Chillicothe

The race is on for Chillicothe First Ward City Councilman

There is a race for Chillicothe’s First Ward in the April 6th election. Michael Smith filed on January 19th for the position. Reed Dupy previously filed for the First Ward. Other candidates previously filing include incumbents Mayor Theresa Kelly, City Clerk Rozanne Frampton, City Auditor Hannah Fletcher, Councilman-At-Large Thomas Ashbrook, Second Ward Council Member Wayne […]

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Several file for re-election in Chillicothe

December 15th is the first-day candidates can file for the April 6th election. Several candidates have filed for reelection in Chillicothe. Those include Mayor Theresa Kelly, City Clerk Rozanne Frampton, City Auditor Hannah Fletcher, Councilman-At-Large Thomas Ashbrook, Second Ward Councilman Wayne Cunningham, and Fourth Ward Councilman Pam Jarding. Others filing for positions in Chillicothe include […]

City of Trenton Website

Trenton City Council approves wage increase for police department; approves preparing ordinance calling for “Use Tax” vote

The Trenton City Council Monday night voted to have an ordinance prepared to call for a public vote on a proposed local use tax within the city of Trenton. The council also approved recommended wage increases for the Trenton Police Department in an effort to attract candidates for police officer. Both topics had gone to […]

City of Trenton Website

Election results certified, new council members sworn in, mowing of property not owned by city all topics of Trenton City Council meeting

Election results were certified by ordinance and the oaths of office were given to four newly-elected city councilmen. Sworn in at the city hall ceremony were Councilman Kevin Klinginsmith in First Ward; Marvin Humphreys in Second Ward; Dave Mlika in Third Ward; and Duane Urich in Fourth Ward. They join four holdover members. The council […]

Candidates finalized for Trenton City Council positions in April 2nd election

Tuesday was the final day to file for the Trenton City Council’s April 2nd election for the mayor and one councilman from each of the city’s four wards. Four candidates filed for Trenton’s Mayor, which is a four-year term and include incumbent Nick McHargue, current Second Ward Councilman Larry Porter, Linda Crooks, and Rocky Dunkin. […]

Voting box

Filing deadline passes finalizing candidates running for office in Chillicothe

Several races exist in the City of Chillicothe April 2nd election. One of the races is for Mayor with Theresa Kelly and incumbent Reed Dupy both filing for the position. Other races include councilmen positions for two of Chillicothe’s four wards including Dennis Albertson, Junior and Adam Brown filed for First Ward Councilman. John E. […]