Missouri flag with money

Audio: Study says most neighboring states pay their teachers more than Missouri

Niche.com ranks Missouri 39th in the nation in teacher pay. Paul Katnik, Assistant Commissioner of Missouri’s Office of Educator Quality, says the state’s school teachers make roughly 49,000-dollars annually.     A Vanderbilt University study says teacher merit pay for student performance has merit. During Tuesday’s State Board of Education meeting,  Katnik discussed the study […]

Center for Rural Affairs

More than 800 Midwest farmers surveyed on conservation

Many farmers and ranchers value the opportunity the Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP) offers to enhance their existing conservation efforts, according to a recent survey by the Center for Rural Affairs. Eighty-seven percent of more than 800 respondents, all living in an area with a strong agricultural presence, said CSP should be supported as a priority in the […]

Trenton Fire Department

Trenton Fire Department seeking to bring fire prevention information to community

The Trenton Fire Department is seeking financial support in order to bring fire prevention information to the community. The fire department has selected materials provided by the National Fire Safety Council, Incorporated to address topics such as smoke alarms, sprinkler systems, candle safety, and escape routes. Sponsorships for the program are available, and the fire […]