Crime and Courts

Prison sentences the rule of the day in Thursday session of court in Trenton

Among cases Thursday in the Grundy County Circuit Court, probation was revoked for a Chillicothe resident, Timothy Joe Ashlock, on an original charge of tampering with a motor vehicle. A previously suspended sentence was set aside and the court ordered a ten-year sentence with Department of Corrections. Credit was given for time served to await […]

Court News

Defendants receive prison time in Division One of Grundy County court

Some of the defendants received time in prison when they appeared yesterday in Division One of the Grundy County Circuit Court. On a change of venue from Harrison County, Brady Harville of Bethany pleaded guilty to second-degree burglary while also admitting to violations of probation. In one case, Harville was sentenced to four years in […]

Court News

Several defendants bound over to Division One in latest session of circuit court

Among defendants who waived preliminary hearings this week in the associate division of Grundy County circuit court are 20-year-old Thomas Dalton of Galt, 33-year-old Marc Gardner of Trenton, 33-year-old Brian St. Onge of Trenton, 30-year-old Timothy Ledbetter of Trenton and 34-year-old Levi Bell of Trenton. Each was bound over to Division One of circuit court. […]