Senator Roy Blunt

Audio: Blunt says Trump does not need national emergency to fund extra federal money

President Trump is reportedly signing a deal to keep the federal government open, but he will declare a national emergency to get more border wall funding. The compromise includes 1.3 billion dollars, instead of 5.7 billion Trump wanted. U.S. Senator Roy Blunt tells Missourinet previous presidents have taken extra money from the federal budget to […]

Border Wall between United States and Mexico

Audio: Missouri Republican Congressman says border agents want wall

The partial government shutdown is in day 25 over President Trump’s demand for $5.7 billion to build a southern border wall. Northern Missouri Republican Congressman Sam Graves says border security agents support the wall.     Democrats, including Missouri Congressman Emanuel Cleaver, claims more technology is needed at the border. They say the wall would […]

Border Wall between United States and Mexico

Audio: Missouri Congress members back or oppose President Trump’s border wall demand to end shutdown on party lines

Missouri Congress members are sharply divided along party lines over support for President Trump’s demand for a border wall to end a government shutdown. Republican Representative Vicky Hartzler says she was against a bill passed by a voice vote in the GOP controlled Senate in December to temporarily fund the government without wall funding.   […]