Farm News

As meat supplies grow for export demand, trade and tariff doubts hurt on-farm prices

Large supplies of meat and dairy, possibly record-setting tons, are coming to U.S. consumers. For consumers, this can be good news with lower prices at grocery cases. For producers of beef, pork, chicken, and milk it doesn’t bode so well.  In a mid-year baseline update for livestock and dairy, University of Missouri economist Scott Brown […]

Cow Calf

Beef price outlook at long-term normal, but unexpected news can change prices

“Why do you hang on to your calves?” the beef economist asked cow-herd owners in the room. Scott Brown answered his own question: “Because their price is going up. Right?” Brown, with University of Missouri Extension, cautioned, “There are still downside risks.” The risk remains in spite of slowing of sharp price declines since October. […]