Swim lessons begin June 20th at Trenton Family Aquatics Center

Red Cross swim lessons are next week, and the week after at the Trenton Family Aquatics Center. Instruction will be given each morning Monday through Thursday with Friday as a weather makeup day.

The swim lessons are June 20th to 23rd and June 27th to 30th. Another two weeks of swim lessons are in July: from the 11th through the 22nd.

Instruction time depends on what level the swimmers have obtained. The lessons begin at 8 o’clock for levels five and six; at 9 o’clock for levels three and four; at 10 o’clock for level two; and at 11 o’clock for level one.

Level One is only one week for a cost of 20 dollars. The cost is 35 dollars for each of the other levels 2 to 6.

On selected evenings next month, the Trenton family aquatics center offers swim instruction for water babies and those of pre-school age. Lessons are scheduled Tuesday and Thursday evenings July 5th through July 28th. Water babies meet at 6:15. Pre-schoolers meet at 7 o’clock.

Further details can be obtained at the Trenton family aquatics center. Jessi Westcott is listed as a contact.