Swan Lake National Wildlife refuge to be open for Dove hunting

Swan Lake Wildlife Refuge

Swan Lake NWR will be open for Dove hunting this Dove Season, which begins on September 1.  Check-in and out are required for all hunters.  It is a self-check requirement and can be done at the Hunting Headquarters by the North Gate.  Check-in can begin 1 hour before shooting hours begin and check-out must occur within 30 minutes of shooting hours ending for the day. 

The north units along the refuge road are open to hunting.  Hunters need to park in the designated parking areas.  All state and federal licenses are required, and hunting is done in accordance with Missouri State Dove hunting regulations.   Non-toxic shot is required on Swan Lake NWR.  

The check-in and out is at the Hunting Headquarters on Refuge Road.  There will be maps of the hunting units available at check-in.  The units are wheat fields.  The crops were not the best this year, so food is limited to attract the birds.

If there are any questions, contact Steve Whitson at 660-973-6349.

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