Suspended prison sentences handed down in Division One of Grundy County court

Crime and Courts

Sentencing was held Thursday in Division One of Grundy County Circuit Court for Humphreys resident Christi Sims who had pleaded guilty in November to a felony drug possession charge from July 5th.

Circuit Judge Thomas Alley sentenced Ms. Sims to four years with the Department of Corrections. Execution of the sentence was suspended and she was placed on five years probation. The judge requested she enter and successfully complete the Third Circuit Court treatment program.

Trenton resident Victor Tunnell pleaded guilty to a charge of non-support. The imposition of a sentence was suspended and Tunnell was placed on five years of probation.

Tunnell is to make monthly payments on child support that’s in arrears which the court noted totals $10,695. Tunnell also appeared in Division One for a hearing. He admitted to probation violations on an original charge of forgery. Probation was continued in that case.

A resident of Coffey, Brandon Tyler May, pleaded guilty to one count of stealing property valued at $750 or more as of November 4th. Two other felony counts were dismissed. After the imposition of the sentence, May was placed on five years probation. He’s to pay restitution in monthly amounts for a total of $3,825.

Admitting to probation violations stemming from original drug possession charges were Steven Kyle Johnson, Tristan Marie Greer, and Bobbie Jo Dunkin – all of Trenton. Probations were continued with Dunkin to complete the 3rd circuit treatment program and monthly urine analysis will be required for Greer and Johnson.

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