Suspect who escaped from Livingston County Sheriff’s car, while in restraints, involved in multiple stolen vehicle cases

Livingston County Sheriff

Livingston County Sheriff Steve Cox reports a fugitive from Bedford taken into custody Wednesday morning escaped from a patrol vehicle while in restraints and fled on foot before being caught again and placed in additional restraints.

Three deputies and two state troopers originally found 29-year-old Linn Hoskins III in the back of a stolen pickup truck in the Bedford area. Hoskins had an outstanding Missouri Parole warrant and was also a suspect on other investigations on which the Livingston County Sheriff’s Office was working.

The investigation led to one or more stolen firearms in a home and information on three stolen vehicles, one of which was wrecked. The investigation also led to the location of other stolen property, including a computer and cell phone.

Hoskins exited the patrol vehicle when a deputy went to obtain and secure a stolen firearm. After being caught, Hoskins allegedly tried to escape again, including at the sheriff’s office. Hoskins is now secured as a high-risk escape detainee at the Daviess-DeKalb County Regional Jail on the parole warrant.

The sheriff’s department will seek charges on Hoskins, including tampering with a motor vehicle, stealing a firearm, felon in possession of a firearm, theft, and escape with another charge expected from Carroll County.

Cox says a 20-year-old Chillicothe woman, also detained but later released, may face felony charges.

Three stolen vehicle cases in Livingston and Carroll counties were solved, and other items were seized as evidence of theft. Drugs and drug paraphernalia suspected of being used with methamphetamine were also reportedly seized. Methamphetamine is alleged to be the underlying issue of all of the reported crimes.

Officers also reportedly seized two masks and two ball bats from a stolen vehicle and are in the process of determining if, who, when, and where someone, a business, or home was to be robbed or burglarized.

The two suspects were uncooperative on that portion of the investigation with the incident remaining under investigation.