Suicidal man surrenders to police after hour-long impasse

Chillicothe Missouri Police Department

Chillicothe Police report it took one hour of negotiating on Thursday afternoon but an armed man eventually surrendered peacefully to officers and was taken into protective custody.

Police responded at 3:30 pm to a residence in the 1200 block of Third Street where officers were told a person had a handgun and allegedly was considered to be suicidal. The man, who was said to be alone in the house, was contacted by telephone, but the suspect hung up on the crisis negotiator. A phone connection was re-established during which time, police said, they heard the indoor discharge of a handgun.

The negotiator and resident agreed on a plan for a peaceful surrender, then reportedly stated he was going to start “picking off” officers one by one. Police noted such a statement was made several times. The individual then, unexpectedly, came out of the front door of the house brandishing a handgun and cursed at officers before retreating back inside. Communications continued before the individual surrendered and was taken into protective custody.

The name of the person was not released by police, but he was taken to a hospital for treatment and evaluation. Chillicothe Police noted criminal charges may be filed.

The Chillicothe Police Department expressed appreciation to the Livingston County Sheriff’s Department for their response and assistance while the situation was developing. No injuries were reported.