Stolen vehicle, armed carjacking and multi-county pursuit end with suspects in custody

Manhunt graphic

On Tuesday morning, November 17, 2020, Chillicothe dispatch was alerted of a pursuit by the Linn County Sheriff attempting to stop a specific vehicle allegedly involved in a residential burglary in Linn County on Tuesday morning. A vehicle pursuit was reportedly in progress on Highway 36 in Linn County traveling westbound toward Livingston County.

The Livingston County Sheriff’s staff responded to assist when officers learned the suspect vehicle had eluded the Linn County Sheriff, possibly turning off the highway in the Laclede area.

The Linn County Sheriff requested Livingston County officers respond to Linn County to assist his officer and a short while later, it was reported the suspect vehicle struck a utility pole at a location in Linn County, overturned, and was on fire. Officers and firefighters arrived on the scene and soon learned the vehicle was unoccupied.  Subsequently, law enforcement was alerted that a person had been taken against their will and was a victim of an armed carjacking, and was compelled to drive the two suspects to a location in Wheeling. The female victim of this crime and her vehicle were released and she went to a safe location to meet law enforcement.

The Livingston County Sheriff’s Office, Missouri State Highway Patrol, and Linn County Sheriff’s Office responded to Wheeling learning an adult had given the two suspects a ride to a location in Chillicothe but that individual was unaware of what had taken place earlier in the morning.

Authorities soon obtained information that the two suspects were in a residence in the 1100 block of Clay Street in Chillicothe. After a significant amount of time at that location, an adult male came out of the home and eventually allowed officers to check for the suspects, which was determined they were not in the home at that time.  Law enforcement had surrounded the residence, and an officer thought the female suspect may have gone into a home on Monroe Street. Upon a search of the residence, no suspect was found, however, within minutes the Chillicothe Police Department learned of a pickup that had been stolen from a few blocks away.

Officers and Dispatch coordinated with each other, sharing information in an attempt to locate the stolen vehicle and suspects.

At approximately noon on Tuesday, the highway patrol advised law enforcement they had just arrested the two suspects at a convenience store in Hamilton without further incident.

Highway Patrol Public Information Officer Sergeant Jake Angle reports one of the suspects involved was 21 year old Kaleb Brooks of Hallsville. He is accused of felony tampering with a motor vehicle—first degree. He was taken to the Caldwell County Detention Center on a 24-hour hold.

The identity of the female was not released, however, authorities report the female had a felony warrant from Linn County, is reportedly pregnant, and had previously been reported to be very intoxicated on methamphetamine. It was reported that Linn County authorities will be seeking multiple charges for all crimes in Linn County while Chillicothe police are seeking criminal charges on the stolen vehicle.  Officers will be going over the entire incident to determine if any accessories or other persons of interest have any criminal liability in these crimes.

The highway patrol assisted the owner of the stolen pickup in retrieving his vehicle from Hamilton. Sheriff Steve Cox said the Chillicothe Department of Emergency Services was very helpful in staging ambulance and emergency medical staff in multiple locations during the pursuit in the event of serious injury to anyone, however, authorities report no one was seriously injured during the incident.

Cox reports police from several communities, the highway patrol, deputies and sheriffs all worked extremely well together on the investigation and resulting pursuit.