Stay safer on the road with these defensive driving techniques for snowy conditions

Winter Driving News Graphic
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During winter, even a quick trip to the store can turn challenging due to icy road conditions. Defensive driving is crucial to ensure the safety of everyone in the vehicle and on the road. Here are essential defensive driving tips for safely navigating icy roads.

Reducing Speed is Key: On icy roads, driving slowly is not just about accident prevention; it’s also a legal requirement. Exceeding safe speed limits in such conditions can result in a traffic ticket.

Disable Cruise Control: Utilizing cruise control on slick surfaces can cause unintended acceleration, leading to loss of vehicle control. It’s safer to manually control your vehicle’s speed.

Brake Wisely: Limit the use of brakes to avoid skidding. Controlled braking is crucial for maintaining stability on icy surfaces.

Avoid Wide Turns: Minimize wide turns to reduce the risk of skidding, especially on icy roads.


Skid Recovery Techniques:


For Front-Wheel-Drive Vehicles: In a skid, steer in the skid’s direction and adjust steering as the skid evolves. Avoid using brakes and accelerator; if driving a manual, disengage the clutch.

For Rear-Wheel-Drive Vehicles: Steer towards your desired direction but be ready to counter-steer if the rear shifts oppositely. Avoid sudden steering movements to prevent vehicle roll.

For All-Wheel-Drive Vehicles: Without anti-locking brakes, gently tap brakes while steering in the desired direction. With anti-locking brakes, focus on steering, as the braking system will automatically adjust.

Stay Updated with Local Winter Road Conditions: Monitor road conditions via the MoDOT Travelers Map, which is updated regularly for accurate information.

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