State Representative Jim Neely of Cameron to chair committee to improve care of young people

State Representative Jim Neely of Cameron

Eighth District State Representative Jim Neely of Cameron will be the chairman of the newly created Special Committee to Improve the Care and Well-being of Young People.

Speaker Todd Richardson of Poplar Bluff recently announced the formation of the group to focus on policy proposals impacting the health and welfare of the children in Missouri’s care.

Neely says the right questions need to be asked in regards to how to improve the approach of enhancing the quality of life for the children requiring state services. He hopes the special committee will produce meaningful and thoughtful legislation before the House.

A news release from the Missouri House of Representatives states the number of children in the state’s foster care system grows each year. It says the Department of Social Services is responsible for nearly 13,000 children this year.

The news release also says the average time a child spends in foster care is about two years, and about half the children experience three or more foster care placements.