State Auditor Galloway releases monthly reports on local government and special district financial information

Missouri State Auditor Nicole Galloway
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Missouri State Auditor Nicole Galloway issued monthly reports detailing the compliance of local governments and other political subdivisions with financial reporting laws.

One report includes cities, towns, and villages while the other lists political subdivisions such as water, fire protection, and other taxing districts.  These entities are required to file annual financial reports with the State Auditor’s Office within six months of the end of their fiscal year.

A total of 1,872 local governments and taxing districts have a fiscal year that ended on Dec. 31 and were required to file by June 30.  Sixty-seven percent of entities filed financial reports timely.

These reports also include information on 21 cities, one village and four taxing districts that submitted late financial reports or other related documents during the month of June, to the State Auditor’s Office.

Auditor Galloway also reminded citizens of the Show-Me Local Government Map, an easy way to access financial reports and other information about local governments. Unveiled in 2016, the online tool allows users to search by county and includes financial reports, general obligation bonds and property taxes rates for political subdivisions in Missouri. The state’s approximately 4,250 political subdivisions are made up of more than 30 different types of local government entities, including counties, cities, school districts and other special taxing districts like water, fire protection, and ambulance districts.

Reports received are searchable online. The complete report of local governments is here and the full report of other political subdivisions is here.

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