St. Louis County man who altered and deposited stolen checks sentenced to 2 years in prison

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U.S. District Judge Rodney W. Sippel on Thursday sentenced a man who fraudulently deposited checks stolen from St. Louis area businesses to two years in prison.

Jacob Wolf, 35, of St. Louis County, pleaded guilty in August to a felony bank fraud charge and admitted hatching a scheme to defraud banks by acquiring and depositing checks stolen from the mailboxes of St. Louis area businesses. The names of the intended recipients on the stolen checks were removed and replaced. Wolf also obtained identification documents belonging to others and posed as those other people when trying to deposit checks. Wolf tried to fraudulently deposit checks totaling $84,557, but only successfully received $11,163.76, his plea agreement says.

The U.S. Secret Service investigated the case.  Assistant U.S. Attorney Derek Wiseman prosecuted the case.

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