Spickard R-2 Board of Education approves budget and several bids

Spickard School

The Spickard R-2 Board of Education approved the 2020-2021 budget the evening of Monday, June 29th.

Secretary Kelli Girdner reports anticipated revenues are $786,358, and expected expenditures are $757,410.20. There is an anticipated surplus of $28,947.80.

The board accepted MFA’s bid for gas at $1.65 per gallon and diesel at $1.73 per gallon. Anderson Erickson’s bid for milk and juice was also accepted, with white milk at 29 cents per carton, chocolate milk at 30 cents per carton, and orange juice at 22 cents per carton.

The Spickard Board of Education tabled accepting a bid for LP gas.