Spickard Fall Festival announces parade winners

Fall Festival news graphic

Officials with the Spickard Fall Festival have officially announced the winners of the parade. The event featured a variety of categories in both the Kiddie Parade and the Adult Parade, showcasing the community’s creativity and enthusiasm.

Kiddie Parade Results

In the Kiddie Parade, several young participants took home first-place honors in various categories:

  • Best Mechanized Vehicle: Silas Lee, 1st Place
  • Best Horse and Rider: Taylor Mantol, 1st Place
  • Best Group Riders: Lane and Isaac Hostettler, 1st Place
  • Best Scooter: Leona Koehl, 1st Place
  • Best Power Wheel: Catherine Metcalf, 1st Place

Adult Parade Results

The Adult Parade also had its share of standout entries, with winners in the following categories:

  • Best Organization Float: Spickard School Bus, operated by Jackie White and Randy Smith, 1st Place
  • Oldest Car: Lowell Dean Anderson, 1st Place
  • Best Car: Tyler Etter, 1st Place
  • Best Tractor: Jerry Krody, 1st Place
  • Oldest Tractor: Eric Cunningham, 1st Place
  • Most Unusual Tractor: David Cunningham, 1st Place
  • Best Horse and Rider (Youth): Taylor Mantol, 1st Place
  • Best Horse and Rider (Adult): Kellene Krody, 1st Place
  • Best Miniature: 3E Miniature Horses, operated by Mandy Coffman, 1st Place
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