Spickard City Council clarifies statement on Spickard Fall Festival

Spickard, Missouri

During a meeting of the Spickard City Council Monday night, a correction was made in a statement given at the council meeting last month.

The council, last month, received a request for the city to have more participation in theSpickard Fall Festival.

It was noted last month the city is not in charge of the festival, but pays the electric bills at the fairgrounds and pays to have the fairgrounds mowed as part of its contribution. It also was mentioned the fair board is in charge of the Spickard Fall Festival.

Buck and Carolyn Brown representing the fair board attended the council meeting Monday night. Carolyn was quoted as saying the city does not pay the electric bill at the fairgrounds. The city of Spickard says it pays the electric, water and sewer bills for the community room, but does not pay the electric bill at the fairgrounds.

An update regarding a sewer-related grant was also presented at the meeting.

Randall Mann


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