Spickard Board of Education accepts resignations from three employees

Spickard School

Three resignations were accepted at a meeting on Monday of the Spickard R-2 Board of Education.

Resignations came from 1st and 2nd-grade teacher Brooke Leeper, Secretary Kelli Girdner, and Bus Driver Janice Vandevender. Hired as the school secretary, beginning June 27th, was Amanda White.

A discussion was held on the new appropriations bill regarding the $38,000 base salary for teachers. An optional state grant is to be available to cover a majority of the additional salary. The Spickard R-2 board adopted the 2022-23 salary schedule as presented contingent upon Governor Parson signing the legislative bill. If signed, a school official says it’ll supersede the teacher salary schedule at Spickard.

An ad will be placed seeking bids to repair the roof on the gym portion of the school building. Bids were accepted from MFA diesel fuel and gas at two cents under the listed prices. A propane bid of $1.80 per gallon was accepted. Prairie Farms was selected to supply dairy products.

Approval was given to the 2022-23 safe return to in-person instruction and continuity of service plan, the alternative methods of instruction, the crisis response manual as well as handbooks for students, faculty, and staff.

Tabled until next month’s meeting was the professional development plan. The Spickard board also reviewed the new classroom code of conduct matrix.