Spickard Board of Aldermen set tax levy; “Fun Day” planned for September 11

Spickard, Missouri

At meetings Monday evening, the Spickard Board of Aldermen approved setting the tax levy at nearly $1 (.9917) on the 100 dollars of assessed valuation. The 99 cent tax levy is the same rate as last year in the town of Spickard.

During the regular meeting, aldermen voted to table the water user agreement until the September 13th meeting. In a sewer update, Spickard is still having problems with customers who flush wipes down the sewer system and clogging the pumps.  The water loss report for July was nine and a third percent. (9.32%)

Among public comments: there will be a tent revival at the Spickard park on August 27. Social distancing will be observed and all are welcome. Those attending should take their own seating.

The Spickard Fall Festival plans to host a “Fun Day” at 6 pm in the park on September 11, 2021. The committee has asked for Mayor Alan Tharp and members of the Board of Aldermen to carry the flags for the parade.