Spickard Board of Aldermen approve purchase of water billing software

Spickard, Missouri

The Spickard Board of Aldermen approved various actions at its meeting on Wednesday night.

The purchase of Missouri Rural Water Association water billing software and a package of postcard paper for $360. Bills went out late this month, but tax was not included. The tax that should have been applied will be calculated and shared at the next meeting. The due date for the bills was approved to be moved from July 10th to 18th. The hangtag notice date was moved from July 11th to 19th, and Terry Holtzclaw is to read meters today (Friday).

The secondary pump for the Second Street lift station is expected to be repaired soon. The board is waiting for bids for the south pump station repair, and an extension has been requested from the Department of Natural Resources for the deadline for the south pump station repair. The Missouri Rural Water Association will conduct smoke testing on July 30th.

A water leak by the post office was repaired as well as the water tower pressure valve. Spickard is gathering data to calculate water loss. Payment was approved on all claims listed and two additional claims received (Wednesday for $13,598.15. The board approved no sewer refund for pool fills.

The board tabled a contract with the Spickard Special Road District until the next meeting. After board member Maggie George moved to amend the motion to pay all claims, the board approved paying all claims for the May and June claims by the Spickard Special Road District and withhold payment until a new contract is signed.

The city’s rates for customers requesting copies or faxes were set at 25 cents per copy, $2.00 for the first page of a fax, and $1 for each additional page.

The board voted that fairgrounds covered by liability insurance can be used for special events with prior board of Aldermen approval.

Several actions were tabled. Those were discussion of the city’s insurance until the next meeting and asking an agent to be present the preliminary engineering report review, and the city attorney.

After a closed session, the board hired Robert Payne as a part-time city maintenance worker at $10.00 per hour. Applicants for city clerk will be reviewed at the Spickard City Hall the night of July 18th at 8 o’clock.