Spickard Board of Aldermen announce smoke testing of sewer system

Spickard, Missouri

The Spickard Board of Aldermen held a sewer rate hearing and a tax levy hearing as part of their meeting Monday night.

Mayor Alan Tharp opened the hearings and information from the city clerk shows no action was taken on the sewer rate. The tax levy was approved at just over 99 cents (.9917) on the 100 dollars of assessed valuation.

Smoke testing of the sewer system in Spickard will begin on September 1st and conclude on September 4th. Smoke will be blown into the sewer lines to detect leaks. The smoke will reveal sources of sewer odors in a neighborhood as well as the locations where stormwater is entering the sanitary sewer system.

Officials say a special non-toxic smoke will be used for the testing of the lines. The distinctive visibility and odor from the smoke only last a few minutes where there is adequate ventilation. It leaves no residuals or stains; no effects on plants and animals.

Public meetings are tonight and Monday night, August 15 for the Spickard Special Road District. Both are at the fire station. Tonight’s agenda for the 6:30 meeting includes

equipment and board members. Monday night’s agenda for the 6 pm meeting has topics of insurance, equipment, sign installation, tubes, and rock, as well as bids for equipment. There’s also time for public comments at both meetings of the Spickard Special Road District.