Spickard Board of Aldermen adopt tax rate, address financial matters

Spickard, Missouri

The tax levy has been adopted for the community of Spickard.

The Spickard Board of Aldermen, following the August 13th public hearing, voted to set the local levy at just over 99 cents (.9917) on the 100 dollars of assessed valuation. The levy, if 100 percent collection, would generate $48,650 in local taxes for Spickard. The assessed valuation for real estate and personal property within Spickard is more than a million, 348 thousand dollars. That’s 15 thousand dollars less than it was last year.

During the meeting, Amy Chapman was appointed as Secretary of the board.

A motion was made to make wages $12,50 an hour for Amy Chapman and Utility worker Robert Payne. In favor were J R Roberts and Charles Holtzclaw. Maggie George voted no with Daniel Chapman abstaining. A motion passed 3 to nothing to pay 40 cents a mile for 24-mile trip and the hourly wage for Amy Chapman to take deposits to the bank. Daniel Chapman who was against the motion once again abstained.

Amy Chapman’s name will be added to the bank signature cards with the name of Jennifer Roberts removed. The approval also was given to have checks signed for Mrs. Chapman to purchase items needed at city hall and keep receipts. This happened after a motion failed to have $200 in petty cash.

The council voted to write a new one year contract with the Spickard Special Road District. According to minutes of the board meeting, the city will deduct costs of street lighting from the motor fuel tax and give the remainder, if any, to the Special Road District. The motion passed 3 to 0 with Maggie George abstaining.

The Spickard Board of Aldermen agreed to table the discussion until a later date about a contract with the Spickard Fire Department.

Lewis Griffin met with the aldermen to discuss the Spickard fairgrounds. A motion was made and approved to table the fix for the pump station and creek crossing to allow time for a proposal from Cary Sayre of All-State Consultants.

Gary Webber met with the board to discuss potential grant money to help Spickard fix the south lift station. Webber also talked about smoke testing of the lines and the aldermen requested information on what it will take to get the dump truck running.