Spickard Alumni Association holds celebration

Spickard School

One hundred eleven Spickard R-2 alumni and guests attended the 100th Celebration of the Spickard Alumni Association Saturday.

The class of 1967 and three members of the class of 1964 hosted the event. Danny Wood served as the master of ceremonies, Henry Brush gave the invocation, and Stout Catering of Princeton provided a meal.

The 50-year class of 1968 and 60-year class of 1958 were recognized as well as the 2018 Spickard graduates. Patsy Bryan Holt and the graduates of 2018 were voted into the Spickard R-2 Alumni Association.

Bruce Lenhardt held a memorial service for seven alumni association members including Fred Brewer from the class of 1954, Danny Wolf and Virgil Bain from 1958, Sharon Berry and Dick Frisbie from 1960, June Tharp Blacksmith from 1965, and Randal Chapman fro 1974.

Prizes were awarded to Karen Frisbie Lemaster from New York for coming the farthest, the class of 1958 for largest class attendance, and Pauline Smith Stamper for representing the class of 1949 as the oldest class in attendance.