Spencer Pittman-Oleson wanted for burglary and drug possession

Spencer Chaise Pittman-Oleson
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Authorities in Livingston County are currently searching for Spencer Chaise Pittman-Oleson, who is wanted on multiple felony warrants. Pittman-Oleson faces serious charges stemming from two separate cases.

The first warrant relates to a probation violation for a burglary 2nd-degree charge under Livingston County Case #23LV-CR00490-01. This case has set his bond at $20,000, cash only. The second warrant is also for a probation violation, this time involving possession of a controlled substance, listed under Livingston County Case #24LV-CR00042-01, with another $20,000 cash-only bond.

Authorities urge anyone with information regarding the whereabouts of Spencer Chaise Pittman-Oleson to contact dispatch at (660) 646-2121.

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