Speeding stop results in arrest of Saint Joseph woman


A traffic stop for speeding in Livingston County resulted in the arrest of a passenger.

Livingston County Sheriff Steve Cox reports Deputy Nicholas Leadbetter stopped a vehicle for going 20 miles per hour over the speed limit and was soon assisted by the sheriff.  Cox says the driver was cited for speeding, and one of the passengers had trouble identifying herself to officers. Further investigation showed the person was allegedly in possession of heroin, methamphetamine, THC oil, and drug paraphernalia.

The woman claimed to be a person from Saint Joseph, was processed, and booked into jail under the name and personal identifiers she gave the officers and detention staff. The woman came clean with her real identity after a problem at the jail, and she is wanted in Buchanan County on an arrest warrant or arrest warrants.

The real 21-year-old Shyann Barron of Saint Joseph was actually the person arrested, and she may soon face a variety of alleged felony drug charges in addition to felony forgery and identity theft.

It is suspected Barron was using a family member’s name and identifiers, which Cox notes could have caused that person problems in the future. Barron was to be released to Buchanan County pending formal charges being filed in Livingston County.