Special events planned for Trenton farmers market in June, July

Farmers Market
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The farmers market at Sesquicentennial Park in Trenton has been a vibrant community event this year, taking place each Saturday morning from 8:30 to 11:30.

Lauren Dannar, Executive Director of Main Street Trenton, noted that attendance has been slightly lower than the previous year. She attributes this to an earlier start for the market and competition with youth sports events on Saturday mornings. However, Dannar remains optimistic, highlighting that the event continues to draw a good number of attendees.

“Attendance has been steady despite the earlier start and competition,” said Dannar. “We anticipate an increase in vendors as garden produce becomes available.”



The North Central Missouri Development Alliance (NCMDA) supports the market, which began the season with about 25 vendors. Subsequent weeks have seen 10 to 15 vendors each Saturday. The variety of goods has been notable, with many bakers, home décor, and art featured prominently.



Main Street Trenton keeps the community informed by posting a weekly list of expected vendors on its Facebook page. The farmers market is scheduled to run through September, with a final date to be announced.

Special events are also a part of the market’s calendar. On June 29, young entrepreneurs will be highlighted at Sesquicentennial Park from 8:30 to 11:30. Dannar emphasized that while the focus will be on youth, all vendors are welcome.



Another notable event, “Christmas in July,” is scheduled for July 27 from 8:30 to 11:30. Santa Claus is expected to make an appearance, and vendors will offer Christmas-themed items.

Youth interested in participating in the young entrepreneurs’ event on June 29 or vendors looking to join the “Christmas in July” event on July 27 are encouraged to contact Lauren Dannar or the Main Street Trenton office. Dannar can be reached at 816-838-3545, and Main Street Trenton can be emailed at [email protected].

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