Special elections take place in Grundy and Sullivan Counties today

Vote Election Graphic

Special elections are being held today in Grundy and Sullivan Counties with each county having one ballot issue for voters to decide.

In Grundy County, ballots are being cast on a proposed 15 cent increase in the tax levy of the Grundy County Nursing Home District. A simple majority is needed for passage.

The county clerks’ office late yesterday afternoon reported 85 individuals have voted absentee with another five absentees requested but not yet returned to the clerks’ office at the Courthouse.

Voting also is underway on a different issue in Sullivan County.

That issue asks whether the county of Sullivan shall be authorized to levy and impose a tax on agricultural or horticultural property at a rate not to exceed $1.00 per acre.

All proceeds are to be placed in a “special road rock fund” and used solely for purchasing rock to be placed on county roads of Sullivan County.

The polls in both Grundy and Sullivan counties are open until 7 o’clock this evening.

In addition to showing a voter identification card issued by the county clerks’ office, voters, because of a new state law, are required to display a photo identification when they visit their polling location.