South Harrison, Stanberry win GRC titles, double-up on GRC honors

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The 2015-2016 Grand River Conference champions are the South Harrison Lady Bulldogs and Stanberry Bulldogs, with both teams putting two players on the Grand River Conference first team, announced over the weekend.

The South Harrison girls finished 22-3 for the regular season, and 8-1 in the GRC.  Named as unanimous selections for the first-team from South Harrison are seniors Hunter Purdun and Ciara Jennings.  The rest of the first team is made up of Stanberry's Madesen Gage, Braymer's Mallory Hughson, Maysville senior Rachel Boucher, Bailey Maxwell of Gallatin, and Brittany Walters of King City.

The All-GRC second team girls squad consists of Lily Osborn of Stanberry, the Gallatin tandem of Madison Rounkles and Taylor Sloan, Jenni Farmer of Polo, Madison Mallory of Braymer, Carley Wilhelm of South Harrison, and Jade Hahn of Maysville.

Girls honorable mention selections are Shelby Fish of Albany, Grace Schottel of King City, Riley Eiberger of King City, Payton Goodin of Princeton, Kristin Strong of Maysville, and Taylor McQueen of Stanberry.

Here are the final GRC girls standings for 2015-2016:

1. South Harrison 22-3, 8-1

2. King City 14-10, 7-2

3. Braymer 13-12, 6-3

3. Gallatin 14-11, 6-3

3. Maysville 16-9, 6-3

3. Stanberry 14-10, 6-3

7. Albany 6-17, 2-7

7. Princeton 7-17, 2-7

9. Polo 5-19, 1-8

9. Worth County 1-8

Six of the seven boys named all-GRC first teamers were done in unanimous fashion, with two from that group from #1 ranked (Class 1) and unbeaten Stanberry.  That duo is Daniel Hailey and Alex McQuinn.  Other unanimous selections are Braymer's Logan O'Dell, Gallatin's Harris Cameron, King City's Reagan Law, and Polo's Parker Smith.  The seventh selection to the boys first team is Jordan Miller of Braymer.

All-GRC boys second teamers are Worth County's Cade Allee and Brevyn Ross, Stanberry's Brad Hailey and Cory Luke, South Harrison's Dalton Erwin, Polo's James Fleener, Gallatin's Samuel Coulson, and Albany's Seth Cline.

Honorable mention status goes to Gallatin point guard Jett Simmons, King City's Noah Poling, Maysville's Matt White, Hunter Boxley of Princeton, and Chris Spence of South Harrison.

Here are the final boy's standings in the GRC for 2015-2016:

1. Stanberry 24-0, 9-0

2. Braymer 19-6, 7-2

2. Gallatin 17-8, 7-2

4. Worth County 17-7, 6-3

5. Princeton 15-10, 4-5

5. Polo 10-14, 4-5

5. South Harrison 7-17, 4-5

8. King City 9-13, 3-6

9. Maysville 8-17, 1-8

10. Albany 4-19, 0-9

This is the final season of the 10-school Grand River Conference.  Starting in 2016-2017, the conference is set to expand to 16 teams, split into two separate divisions of eight schools each.  Making up the new GRC East will be incoming Trenton, Putnam County, and Milan, along with holdovers Polo, Princeton, Gallatin, South Harrison, and Maysville.  The GRC West will add three schools, in Pattonsburg, St. Joseph Christian, and North Andrew, with that tandem joining up with Albany, Stanberry, King City, Braymer, and Worth County.

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