Some farmers overwhelmed by precision agriculture

Precision Agriculture news graphic

(Brownfield) – An agronomist says some farmers are overwhelmed by the precision ag space.

David Chaffin with Yara tells Brownfield farmer fatigue could be limiting farmers’ use of technology. “With it so fractured, growers are at that fatigued state of “well that sounds good, but I tried this a while back and it didn’t work.” That’s a real thing and that’s something we have to figure out how to overcome.”

Chaffin says producers might be more inclined to use technology if companies can demonstrate how it improves their bottom line. “It’s tying the agronomic decision to the economical decision.  If we do that, I think you’re going to see more and more farmers be like “ok, that’s what I’ve needed to see, that’s where I need to go and I’m willing to try that.”

He says the industry is adapting new technologies faster than ever before and nitrogen application is one example. “Now, with astronomical prices and the pressure of environmental pressures, we’re getting to do the right thing and reduce our rates.  All of that is really changing that conversation in the field with the growers to start to look even harder at those tools.”

And, he says, the divide is less age-based and more so an understanding of the tools.   

Chaffin spoke with Brownfield at the 2022 Nitrogen Use Efficiency Workshop.

(photo via Adobe Stock)