Sheriff Steve Cox steps down, Woelfle to lead Livingston County department

Livingston County Sheriff Steve Cox
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Livingston County Sheriff Steve Cox has announced his immediate retirement, effective September 1st. He will be on medical leave through August 31st, closing out his office ahead of his originally planned retirement at the end of this year, which he announced in February.

Cox has informed the Livingston County Commission and his staff that Dustin Woelfle will now be in charge at the sheriff’s office. Cox will remain available to assist Woelfle with administrative needs.

“Dustin is a great person and will be an amazing sheriff,” Cox said. He noted that Woelfle is the only candidate on the ballot for sheriff in the upcoming August and November elections, and he expects Woelfle to be officially named sheriff starting September 1st.

Cox expressed his confidence in the sheriff’s office staff, stating, “We have very good and well-trained people who truly care about the citizens and community of Livingston County.”

Cox submitted his resignation notice to Livingston County Clerk Sherry Parks, who will notify the governor of his retirement.

Sheriff Cox has served Livingston County for many years, starting as a deputy and then serving as a police officer in Chillicothe. He is in his 24th year as sheriff.

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