Sheep, goat and rabbit show winners announced in Jamesport Junior Livestock Show

Livestock Show Winners

Sheep, goat, and rabbit shows were held at the Jamesport Junior Livestock Show Thursday morning.

For sheep, the Grand Champion ram went to Kale Batson, the Reserve Champion ram, as well as Senior Showmanship, went to Libby Endicott.

Champion and Reserve ewe, as well as Champion and Reserve Market, went to Kaycee Messner.

Ayra Meeker received Junior Showmanship.

For goats, Grand Champion and Reserve Ram, as well as Champion Goat and Market Champion and Reserve, went to Bryce Bunnell.

The Reserve goat went to Wyatt Ellis.

Brayden Cull received Junior Showmanship, and Jake Henry received Senior Showmanship.

Out of 51 rabbit entries, Best of Show for class four as well as Reserve Grand Champion and Senior Showmanship went to Brylee Bowles.

Best of Show for class six as well as Grand Champion went to Anna Hines.

Evan Tharp received the Junior Showmanship award.