Shawn Yuille pleads not guilty to murder charge in Danette Rardon case


A Chillicothe resident, Jeremy Osburn, has pleaded guilty to a lesser charge in connection with an accident last November that injured a young girl.

Prosecuting Attorney Adam Warren filed information in lieu of a complaint with the Associate Division of Livingston County Circuit Court. The new charge is a misdemeanor of endangering the welfare of a child, second degree.

Judge James Valbracht sentenced Osburn to 60 days in jail with the time running concurrently with a previous sentence in the Department of Corrections. He was fined $106 and ordered to pay $10.00 to the crime victim fund.

The November 25th accident in downtown Chillicothe injured five-year-old Izabella Yuille and claimed the life of attorney Danette Rardon of Chillicothe.

Twenty-three-year-old Shawn Michael Yuille remains charged with second-degree murder and endangering the welfare of a child, first degree, causing serious physical injury to another, both of which are felonies.

During his appearance in Division One of Livingston County Circuit Court, online court information shows Yuille waived arraignment and pleaded not guilty to the charges. Judge Thomas Chapman has scheduled a jury trial for April 16th, 17th, and 18th of next year.

This is the accident in which authorities accused Yuille of acting in a manner that created a substantial risk to the life, body, and health of his five-year-old passenger by his inhaling contents of an air duster while driving. Officials say it was Yuille’s pickup that hit Ms. Rardon’s car making a turn at a Chillicothe intersection.