Sewer plant upgrade in Trenton now 80% complete

Sewer Line Cap in Street

One of several projects currently being worked on in Trenton is a sewer plant upgrade.

City Administrator Ron Urton says the effluent disinfection project treats the water going into Muddy Creek with chlorine. The project is about 80% complete, and the work is expected to be done by July 1, however, the work may be finished later than planned due to rain and the cold winter.

Trenton is in contact with the Department of Natural Resources on the disinfection project and Urton says every five years Trenton has to get a permit for its wastewater treatment plant. The DNR sets the requirements and limits of different chemicals it can release into Muddy Creek.

Urton says the headworks project at the Trenton sewer plant is “very much needed.” The project includes redoing the building and the installation of a new system to take out debris.